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Appetizers - Salads - First Courses

Sautéed Ginger Shrimp
Spanish-inspired dish served with garlic French bread to soak up the mouth-watering drippings. $14

Prague Special
Lightly grilled smoked sausage served with European potato salad and rye bread. $10

Mushroom Ragout
Sautéed fresh mushrooms in sherry cream sauce with a hint of garlic and onions. Served with garlic French bread. $12

Creamy Tomato Bruschetta for 2
With toasted garlicky bread. $12

Warm Pasta and Shrimp Salad
With fresh tomatoes, Asiago, hit with a balsamic reduction. $13

Pan-seared Vegetable Plate
Paired with tangy dip and garlic toast. $10

Pickled Herring Morsels
Served with onions, sliced tomato and rye bread. $11

Cucumber, Tomato and Spicy Salami Salad
House dressing, slice of garlic toast. $9

Garden Dinner Salad/Soup
With our house dressing/toast. $6

Garlic Toast
Two slices. $3

House Herbed Potatoes
With dipping sauce. $5

*Please note menu selections may vary without notice*

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